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Help Prince William County!

The Century 21 New Millennium office is working to improve the lives of citizens and pets in the local community. We'll be posting details on each event we sponsor at the website below and hope you'll come out and support the community with us. Please click the link to go to the website - Help Prince William County Thanks in advance for your support! … [Read more...]

Trends in Housing for 2009

The Trends in Housing Report came out and here’s a summary of the real estate market in 2009: * Prices are showing signs of moderate recovery. * Days on the market are continuing to decline. * Housing inventory continues to decline. (there is much speculation that banks will begin to release large amounts of foreclosed homes soon, so this may change for 2010) *The gap between the list price and sold price is getting closer, in Q4 2009 sellers … [Read more...]

Dangers of Household Radon, Inspections Recommended

Radon in basements can be very dangerous and it is often overlooked.  Many buyers I talk to have never heard of radon gas especially if they grew up in area where radon was not was not a problem and therefore never mentioned.  The test for radon gas is simple and cheap, even the remedy for reducing high levels in your basement is not too costly. via Dangers of Household Radon, Inspections Recommended | Virginia Homeowners Alliance. … [Read more...]

2009 Virginia Homes Sales Data

Summary of VA Statewide Stats 2009 verse 2008: Existing home sales were higher verse 2008.  First increase we've seen since 2005. Monthly sales are up in the last 5 months of 2009 verse 2008. Median home prices and new home sales were down in 2009 verse 2008. Local county real estate statistics will differ from the statewide results. Additional details via 2009 Virginia Homes Sales Data Now Available | Virginia Homeowners Alliance. … [Read more...]