Google Maps – New Real Estate Feature

It's now even easier and faster to find your new home or rental. Google has added a real estate option to its popular map functionality. Go to, click on the "more" button, then select the real estate check box. The map functionality is now overlayed with real estate options and you can set the criteria you wish to search! Enjoy! … [Read more...]

Expanded First-Time Home Buyer Tax Credit Becomes Law – The Home Front (

Expanded First-Time Home Buyer Tax Credit Becomes Law - The Home Front ( using ShareThis … [Read more...]

How to Tell Mortgage Rates Are Rising

REALTOR® Magazine-Daily News REALTOR® Magazine-Daily News-How to Tell Mortgage Rates Are Rising. … [Read more...]

REALTOR® Magazine-Daily News-Tax Credit Extension Seems Likely

REALTOR® Magazine-Daily News-Tax Credit Extension Seems Likely. … [Read more...]

Successful Home Buyers Seminar!!!

We had a strong turn out for our first Home Buyers Seminar. All attendees walked away with value-able information on the home buying process including a special focus on the loan approval process. If you have questions about your credit, down payment, or just the general process for purchasing a home, please contact me at … [Read more...]

Free Home Buyers Seminar – October 17th, 1-2pm

FREE SEMINAR The Road to Home Ownership - An Informative Seminar Addressing: Is this the right time to buy? Is my credit good enough? What can I afford? Light Refreshments and handouts will be provided. Please join us! When: Saturday, October 17th, 1-2 p.m. Location: 12581 Milstead Way, Suite 400, At the corner of Hoadly Rd & Prince William Parkway RSVP: Donna Williams at 571.330.1928 or Sponsored by … [Read more...]

FHA Condo Guidelines

Effective November 2, 2009, the FHA is changing its guidelines for spot approval loans as well as updating it's current requirements for FHA financing in condo developments. Here's a link to the details posted on the HUD website on June 12, 2009 - Check to see if a condo is on the FHA Approved list prior to writing a contract here - … [Read more...]

Where in the world is my office?

Well mostly I work from my home office, car, or anywhere I can get an Internet connection but I do frequently visit my official work location.  My office is located at the corner of Prince William Parkway and Hoadly Road.  The address is 12581 Milstead Way, Suite 400, Woodbridge, VA  22192. … [Read more...]

Exceptional Service

Why is it, that so many of the folks in the service business tend to be the ones who give the worse service?  Good service is responding promptly, honestly, and being pleasant.  Exceptional service is going several steps further, really connecting and caring for the success of your prospect or client.  Speed, knowledge, and constant communication with your prospect or client has to become your "norm" in order to provide exceptional service. … [Read more...]

Multiple Contracts

It has been fast and furious the past three weeks trying to help buyers purchase homes. It has been a while since multiple contracts, bidding up above the sales price, and no seller concessions has been required to buy a home. The market here in Prince William County, VA is very active and challenging, especially for those first time buyers. Buyers - now is the time to work with a professional to help put you write a strong purchase contract. … [Read more...]