First Time Home Buyers

It is an exciting and life changing event to purchase your first home.  Understanding the process, preparing yourself mentally and financially, identifying your needs and wants are key to being successful.

Choose a Buyers Agent that can help guide you through the process, who is knowledgable in the transaction processes and the local area in which you’ll be living.

In preparation for purchasing your first home:

– Determine how much you can comfortably afford.  Discuss your financial situation for a mortgage loan officer.

– Determine your wants and needs in a home and community.

– Drive thru several neighborhoods and get a feel for them.  Document what you like and didn’t like.

– Consider commute times to work, shopping, church, etc., (If your entire life is on the east side of town, perhaps that location would fit your lifestyle better than the west side of town).

– Research real estate professionals and interview them before choosing one to represent you.

Great tips from HUD.GOV for picking a Home Inpsector