Real Estate News Update for August

View my monthly newsletter here - • Is “do it yourself” in your DNA? • Get Yourself Some Green for Green • Pricing to Sell in Today’s Market • Loan Modification “blackmail” … [Read more...]

Real Estate News Update for July

The pace of writing sales contracts has subsided since the tax credit has ended but due to the extremely large number of loans to be processed the Federal Government has extended the law to ensure all buyers who qualify, do receive their tax credit. President Barack Obama signed HR 5623, the "Homebuyers Assistance and Improvement Act of 2010," a three-month extension on the closing deadline for first-time home buyers to receive the tax credit. … [Read more...]

Real Estate News Update for May

Hello Everyone – Virginia’s Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Program has begun. Virginians can get a rebate up to $300 on certain ENERGY STAR qualified appliances. Please see this website for details and instructions on how to apply for the rebate - A summary of the stories in this month’s newsletter: • Closing costs vary by location • Mortgage payoff in a divorce • Short sale success strategies View my … [Read more...]