Seller FAQs

Tips for selecting a real estate agent to sell your home:

– Determine your needs – How quickly do you need to move?  How much equity do you have?  Do I need to sell this home first before purchasing another?

– Gather relevant documents that will help you sell home.  Existing termite or home warranties that will transfer to the new homeowner, receipts for items you purchased, repaired or upgraded.  Copies of any required building permits for upgrades you did.  Mortgage lien holder information such as the name of your lender or lenders, approximate balance, and contact info.  HOA or Condo Association documents.

– Determine how you will interview and evaluate real estate agents.

– Research agents online to learn about their credentials, success stories, education, experiences, and client reviews.

– After selecting an agent to work with, DON’T immediately put your house on the market.  Take time to clean, de-clutter, touch up/caulk or paint exterior trim and interior walls in a neutral color – if needed.  Clean, stretch, or replace damaged or extremely warn carpets.  Clean your windows, appliances, bathrooms, and in general make the home feel inviting and well taken care of.  Your agent can give you suggestions that match the needs of buyers in your specific neighborhood.   Consider having professionals photographs and video’s done for marketing materials and having a pre-listing appraisal done some you have an independent assessment of your homes worth before setting a price point.  You can also do a pre-listing home inspection (radon, oil tank, well, septic) if needed to find any issues before the buyer does and either adjust your list price or fix prior to listing the home for sale.

– Upfront prep will pay dividends if you don’t have to have your home on the market long, reduce the amount of frustration, and control costs by identifying them ahead of time.

– Lastly, take the time to understand the real estate market dynamics and statistics in your market.  This is valuable that can help you understanding what to expect in terms of how long your home will likely be on the market before getting a ratified contract, the approximate price range, and average seller subsidy costs for comparable homes.